#2. Oklahoma (copy)

Oklahoma is home to almost 4 million residents and at least 2,000 state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

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How’s it growing folks?! In today’s Here Weed Go! episode, host Eddie Celaya looks at the cannabis-only special election in Oklahoma coming up on March 7, 2023.

For those not in the know about cannabis in the Sooner State, here’s a little background:

Although you probably wouldn’t guess it, Oklahoma is home to the most dispensaries per capita of any state in the union. And it’s not even close.

Known as the "Wild West of Weed," by some estimates, there are more dispensaries (more than 2,000) currently operating in the state then there are gas stations.

That’s a lot for a state with just a medical marijuana program. And although nearly 10% of Oklahomans hold a medical card, that’s only about 350,000 patients.

As you might be able to tell, that’s a lot of store fronts and cannabis product for a relative few patients.

As a result, a lot of that pot has found its way into the underground black market in-state and elsewhere. That's what gives Oklahoma it’s other cannabis-derived nickname: "The Black Market Capitol of Marijuana."

Now, after a back-and-forth with the courts and state government, State Question 820, which would implement an adult-use recreational program in the state, is up for a state-wide special election.

Here Weed Go! host Eddie Celaya chats with Tulsa World editor Anna Codutti about Oklahoma's current medical cannabis program and how quickly it has grown since being passed by voters in 2018.

To help get a better perspective of what’s going on on the ground out there, I’ve brought on two guests, Anna Codutti, a journalist with the Tulsa World, and dispensary operator Arshad Lasi of the Nirvana Group.

We touch on why State Question 820 is on it’s own special election ballot, what state politicians and medical industry stakeholders are saying about the initiative, and how likely voters are to pass a measure that would make Oklahoma the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana.


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